Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Google Panda Update 3.9 Starts Rolling Out Tonight

Google rolled out its panda algorithm refresh 3.9 tonight. Google posted this news a few minute ago on google twitter. It affect 1% search results. Before this google released google panda update 3.8 on June 25.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Difference Between Unnatural links and Penguin Update

Here is the video posted by Barry Schwartz. He tells about the difference between the unnatural links and Penguin update. He also cover some other topics like.

1. Google Ignores Links From Updowner.com
2. Google Panda 3.8
3. Disavow links tool launches by Bing for win Seo hearts
4. Google release video for help Seo's
5. Why Google video stop at 301 views
6. Affiliate links should be no follow

Monday, July 9, 2012

Changes In Title Tags By Google

There are several threads regarding the Title tags on Google webmasters help. Some webmasters have issue google is displaying different title then their actual title tag. Some webmaster said that Google is displaying different title for different queries for same page.

On that Googler Gary Illyes said Google is able to pick better title for search query than your title tags.

Often a single title might not be the best one to show for all queries for a page, so our algorithms may generate alternative titles to make it easier for our users to recognize relevant pages. If you recently changed the content of your page and its title, it may take some time for our algorithms to notice it. While we can't guarantee that your new title will be used, if it's descriptive, informative, there's a fair chance it will be.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Matt Cutts- Links Are Not Dead Yet.

After Panda and Penguin updates some SEO's insiders start thinking that link are dead. But its not true I know now social signals have good value in google ranking algorithm but its not means that link are in Google ranking.

Matt Cutts explain that on 5 June SMX conference with Danny Sullivan.

Here is Video-

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fake Phone Calls From Google

Seo's and Webmasters already asked Google for phone support for webmasters issues. But I think Google have no plan resolve this any time soon. I saw a thread about Google calling sites owners for 650 area code. The webmaster said they receive a call from some one who said they were from Google they said your site have flaws that can led it to de-indexed. We also face this kind of issue with Google fake email in 2007.

Fake Phone Calls
Webmaster Thread-

My boss received a phone call at the office today from the phone number 650-235-0000 warning us about a design flaw in our website that could cause us to be blacklisted from Google search in the near future. If this is in fact true, we will act immediately, and it could be an authentic flaw in our website design. However, we are in a highly competitive business, and we are concerned that the call may not have been authentic as the phone number goes to a busy signal when we try to call back, no contact information was provided, and we are receiving no warnings via email or Google Webmaster Central that there are any problems with our website.

John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst in Switzerland ) said-

Google never call webmasters for web related issues. Google communicate webmaster only via email. To the best of my knowledge, no team at Google calls site owners with regards to web-search issues on their websites. From the web-search & search quality teams, we will sometimes contact websites with regards to technical, quality, or malware issues, but this is always via email, with a copy sent to your Webmaster Tools account for verification purposes.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Google Released Video's to learn Essential SEO

On 26 June Google released some videos to learn essential SEO Techniques. In these video's googler explain about seo techniques, malicious parties, site maps, crawling errors, webmaster tools and many more. One of these videos Maile Ohye Developer Programs Tech Lead at google explain how do SEO for under 50 pages sites and how they rank well on company name & related keywords and some tips for attracting visitors. 

Google also published these video's on Google Webmaster Academy .

Here are the video's-

How malicious parties can spam your site-

Use Of Google Site Maps-

How use Social Networks to attract audience-

Errors find by Google when crawling your site-

Understand how searchers find your site-

Learn how works Google Webmaster Tools Message Center-

Learn How to create content for your site-

Finding your site on Google-

Web spam Content Violations-

Monday, June 25, 2012

Google Panda 3.8 Update is Live Now

There was rumors about an update last week. There are several webmasters talking about the update on different forums. Some of them talking about the changes in Google ranking and traffic.

 One webmaster says-      
                                     I saw this drop yesterday too. After a robust start to a Thursday, our traffic dropped off and hasn't returned now today. In fact, I'm seeing significantly worse traffic than usual today.

There was the confirmation after Google tweet-